Kumare Restaurant & Bakery

The visit to Kumare marked the first time I ever tried Filipino food. Aesthetically, Kumare is bright and modern, I especially like their chandeliers and the sink in the washroom. Service was ok, the staff was to the point but not too affable — guess that’s the norm for most Asian restaurants. The wait for the food wasn’t quick, I estimated that it took 15 minutes before the first dish came, and looking around, I noticed several tables experienced the same thing, too. We ordered a dish of Crispy Pata, Chicken Pandan and a small bowl of rice.

Crispy Pata – $10. A pork dish, it’s quite similar to Chinese crispy pork belly or siu youk. But unlike siu youk, it’s not as salty so you can taste the flavor of the meat, the skin had a nice amount of fat underneath and the portions are bigger and chunkier. I noticed some of the meat was a bit dry and although the skin was crispy, it had a hard crunch to it.

Chicken Pandan – $8. This is my favorite. Unwrapping the leaves was a bit of a challenge, but upon picking it up you notice how tender the chicken is. Each bite was juicy and tender, and best of all, I didn’t have to deal with any bones!

The sauce that came with each dishes was light, didn’t overwhelm the food and complemented it quite nicely. One thing I like about Kumare is that they let the natural flavors of the items express themselves which is quite a nice change from restaurants who are liberal with the application of MSG.

Overall I can’t wait to go back to try new dishes. However, I wish there was a greater bang for the buck. It would be nice if the dishes were $2 less for what’s offered, or at their current prices, came with rice or noodles, or better yet, a combo meal like a Hong Kong cafe.

8130 Park Road, Richmond
9:30am-9pm everyday
Website | 604-284-5111

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